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Home Theater

Who We Are

It’s Just Wire is the intelligent home and business technologies company that enables you to choose the technology you need for a more efficient, integrated and/or automated lifestyle. We understand the wiring behind all the technology you depend on.

From telephones, computers, audio/visual and home automation, we provide our services under warranty, and with complete quality and integrity.  And as an Authorized Integrators Network (AIN) company, we represent some of the most recognized electronic brands in the world today.

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Let Us Help You

In your quest to have the most up to date Structured Wiring solution in your home, It’s Just Wire should be contacted in the early stages of new construction. We can help plan and design for short term needs and future wants. We will meet and work with architects, builders, interior designers, and homeowners to customize and make recommendations for your specific Structured Wiring system.


Using low voltage communication network cables for a wide range of ‘smart home’ systems, this will allow It’s Just Wire technicians to install a home wiring network that will connect all the rooms in your home to a central location. This can include phones, cable, satellite, data, and whole house audio. With the foundation of your Wiring System in place, your home will be prepared for installation of equipment that can utilize these networks up to and including the following:  Security, Home Theater and Entertainment, Phones, Door-Phones and Intercoms, PC and Internet Networks, Surveillance Cameras, Driveway Vehicle Sensors, Thermostats, Motorized Window Blinds and Curtains, Entry and Irrigation systems.


Our personalized Wiring solution will also include running high quality cables from wall plates in individual rooms to a central location. Incoming services such as Telephone, Cable, and Satellite TV are brought to this room. An equipment panel will house all your distribution hardware and enable services to be routed and reconfigured as needed to each room. The wall plates in each room have connectors for telephone, data, and video. By properly prewiring your home before the insulation and drywall process begins, the homeowner will easily save approximately 30% on their overall smart home project.


How does it work?

We run high quality cables from wall plates in individual rooms to a central location, usually in the utility room or other central location.


Incoming services such as telephone, cable, and satellite TV are brought to this room. An equipment panel houses all the distribution hardware and enables services to be routed and reconfigured as needed to each room. The wall plates in each room have connectors for telephone, data, and video. All you have to do is plug in your device and you’re ready to go.


Existing Home Retrofitting-

Retrofitting is routinely done in pre-existing homes and It’s Just Wire can create a solution to upgrade yesterday’s home with the technology of today.

There are instances where there are no means to retrofit other than cutting into sheet rock, repair the sheet rock, and then repaint. So wiring a house under construction and also wiring for the future will make things much smoother.

Who knows what the future holds for home technology, but we’ll make sure that you have the wire ready and waiting.

Music Lover? Entertainer?

If you said yes to either question, you will appreciate having music available at your finger tips and  from any room in the house.  Change the XM channel, play then next song on your iPod.

Whatever you like to do, you can do it from any keypad.  And at the end of the party, one click to shut it all off. We use all Klipsch speakers, so not only will you hear great sound, you’ll feel it too.

Stop Worrying

If you’re wondering how you will learn how to manage every home technology system you choose, don’t. It’s Just Wire will simplify that for you.

Your automated home can coordinate all of the systems in your home to talk to each other. An automated home control system adjusts the security, cooling, heating, lighting and blinds automatically for comfort, convenience, and safety. Homeowners recognize that an automated home control system can pay for itself through energy savings while increasing the value and enjoyment of their home. We offer a variety of interface options, including touchscreens, keypads, and software that allow access and control

of your home over the Internet.

It’s Just Wire is a proud reseller of Control4 products. Control4 integrates into a single platform all of your technology systems-entertainment, multi-room music, security, temperature and lighting control- for true home automation. Access all systems easily, intuitively, from any room in the house or from anywhere in the world.

Overwhelmed by all the Remotes?Ever wonder why you have so many remotes that you forget which one does which? Control4 provides an easy to use interface that will consolidate those remotes into one. You can even get one for every TV so you don’t have a different routine for other areas in your home.



We do this too….

From lighting, seating, and even the popcorn popper, we have it all.  We will work with your designer or we’ll help you design it.  With our experience, we will come up with a theater that takes concept to reality and all within your budget.




Experience Dirt Devil’s® exceptionally powerful central vacuum performance and cleaning versatility, with a wide variety of accessories and Power heads that are specifically designed for today’s homes and furnishings.

The Dirt Devil® System works by transporting dirt, debris and dust particles through a simple network of tubing that runs through the walls to the power unit. The in-wall tubing is easily installed during construction. Final installation is usually completed in less than one day, with no structural modifications to the home.